The Media Street Privacy Policy

The Media Street powers the most complex buyers and sellers in advertising technology. Founded by passionate digital marketers we aim to become the fastest growing ad-tech company for both buyers and sellers in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers best-in-class technology to manage display, social, and video advertising campaigns.

The following privacy policy details the Media Street’s promise to keep our clients information private, safe and secure. At the Media Street, we take user privacy seriously and strongly recommend you to fully read it

The Media Street runs video, social, mobile and traditional display campaigns – all in one platform. We purchase and trade ad space, from publishers to agencies and advertisers. We manage online ad campaigns through various forms of targeting. We gather data and information and track online customer behavior and convert the data into user profiles. We respect and adhere to the IAB India Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.

Details of information collected

The following information is collected from clients: Contact info like name, phone number, mailing address, email address and company name. Billing information Pan number

What we do with the information?

The information we collect from users is analyzed and matched to relevant advertisements based on preference profiles of web users who are more receptive. Relevant ads benefit both the advertisers and the users, while enabling a less cluttered user experience. Cookies help us to identify individual user preferences and browsing habits, control the ad frequency and serve custom made home/ landing pages. IP addresses together with cookies help us identify the likes and dislikes of our audience and serve them targeted ads resulting in user satisfaction and higher ad revenues for our advertisers and publishers. IP address and cookie information also help us prevent fraud and server issues. Our client information also assists us in administrating and our various Ad platforms. Without IP address it will be impossible for us to keep our services operational 24/7. Through emails we store of our clients we provide them website updates, allow them to register for sweepstakes and exclusive deals, notify them of new features and offer service assistance. Email ids help us respond and readdress any queries, complains and issues that has been encountered. By registering at the Media Street, you consent to the use and methods of disclosure as described in our Privacy policy herewith.

How we collect information?

The information is collected through voluntary user signups, registrations, emails , enquiries and direct sales. Automated collection of information takes place via IP addresses, cookies and pixels. Pixels along with cookies help us in identifying each device through which users access our website, or watch the ad we display. Each device is assigned a specific ID which is unique to them, which helps us in gathering information and identifying returning users. This happens without collecting any personally identifying information of the user

IP Addresses

All devices that use the internet have an IP address, this is more like unique ID that identifies and distinguishes the device in the billions od devices currently accessing the Internet. Pixels Pixels are rendered on each page where an ad is displayed or where a sale is made. Pixels act as event trackers to count activities. Cookies Cookies are small text files that each website provides so that the user can access the website easily. Cookies help browsers store user preferences and also help websites in serving content for returning users.They also have any user side customizations that are made while viewing the website like language preferences, privacy settings, ad preferences etc..

Third party data

We may procure data from thrd parties to better our services. The data we procure does not have any personally identifiable information.


We take utmost care in terms of security. We encrypt all transaction with SSL and various forms of security protocols to ensure the data we send and receive and our transaction are secure. We follow stringent checks and industry standard practices. We do not assure any guarantee of absolute security as it is not possible for any information on the internet to be 100% secure.

Administering you accounts and personal information.

We provide login pages to you to change or update your information you have provided to us.You can access your account info any time using our frontend.

Disclosure of Information

We may share the data we have within our organization or group of our companies, and with our affiliate partners and subsidiaries. We reserve the right to disclose information to our clients, partners and advertiser who work for us. We make sure the data shared does not have personally identifiable information. The data shared is to be used by the third party under stipulated rules and industry standard only. In event of any merger, acquisition or liquidation of the company ( we may share or transfer the data we hold as part of our assets. We shall share the data we hold as requested or required in order to prevent fraud or for legal purposes to check against mal practice. We may submit data to govt or legal agencies when required by law. This is done in keeping with the laws of the country we operate in. Changes to Privacy Policy We reserve the right to change, update, or delete parts of the privacy policy. When you are visiting our site or using our platforms, the privacy policy at the time of your visit will apply.

Privacy Contact Information

For any queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us